Our Story

Walk Now Productions is an independent, community theatre co-op and film group. From our humble beginnings, we have always encouraged and embraced diversity and multiculturalism, as well as a variety of different creative outlets. Our approach is at times unconventional, but always focused on the collaborative process, incorporating mutual respect and fairness towards everyone – our cast, crew and advisors. “My Carer” was our first independent piece of theatre and was performed in January 2018.  It was reprised in late July 2018 with our entire cast & crew returning from season one.  In 2019, we are focusing on new projects including writing a follow-up to “My Carer” entitled “The Carer’s Daughter”, and workshopping “Shades of Light”.

We are members of the MEAA and an associate member of Theatre Network NSW.







My Carer (a video promo-reel) – Walk Now Productions © 2018




  “Turn Around and Look”  –  short film by Sam Cosentino  (writer & director) ©



The Celluloid Domain from by Paul Matereke.



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Walk Now Productions pays tribute to a few mentors of the past, for their inspiration and leadership in their respective fields.  

The late Professor Peter Van Asperen, Head of Respiratory Medicine for more than 25 years, The Westmead Children’s Hospital, NSW.

The late Robert Herbert, Film Curator for more than 18 years at the Art Gallery of NSW.

The late Mr Nino Cosentino, mentor, philosopher and friend to many in the Inner-West community of Sydney.